Staying At Hotel Union Square in San Francisco

Every time I’ve traveled to San Francisco I’ve stayed in a different hotel. I’ve been satisfied with each of them but not to the point where I absolutely need to stay there again. So when I was planning this trip I found myself searching the internet for a place to stay. And then my sister told me about Hotel Union Square. Decent pricing? Check. In the heart of the city? Check. A history that includes a connection to the author, Dashiell Hammett? Check!
Photo courtesy of Personality Hotels

The hotel dates back to 1913 when it was built for the Pan Pacific Exhibition. It operated as the Golden West Hotel and was frequented by Dashiell Hammett. And during Prohibition there was a speakeasy in the basement called the Golden Bubble. With that kind of history how could I possible stay anywhere else?

original signage from the Golden Bubble in the hallway of our floor

So I made the reservation and off we headed to yet a different place to stay. Our first interactions with the valet and front desk clerk immediately put us at ease. They were so nice and kind they made us feel welcome right away.

The lobby was small but posh with modern seating areas, refreshments, and a flat screen tv with a constant loop of The Thin Man. My sister was in heaven (did I mention she is a huge Dashiell Hammett fan?) and I was pretty taken, too.

We were told we were in the Giants suite which I knew to be San Francisco Giants themed from the website. What I did not know was how themed it was! Check it out!

Neither of us are baseball fans but I could appreciate the effort that went into the decoration. Plus it really immersed us in San Francisco which is exactly what we wanted. And I have to point out that basket of ballpark treats. That was essentially the mini bar. I thought that was such a unique touch. And the prices were shockingly…low! Most items were around $3 and the sodas were $1.50. That’s not much more than grocery store prices and certainly cheaper than the ballpark. Color me impressed.

Aside from the decorations the room was awesome. It was huge! Considered a junior suite it measured 500 square feet. By far the biggest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in in San Francisco. It had that large, plush king bed, plenty of storage, a desk, and a seating area complete with couches and chairs. It was also on the corner of the building and had a TON of windows. The bathroom was also large and filled with quality toiletries. Here’s a couple pics of a junior suite as an example:

both photos courtesy of Personality Hotels

Ours was exactly like this only Giants themed. And did I mention we had a hall way? Yup, when you enter the door you walk down a short hall and then enter the room on the right. Talk about privacy!

Now, one thing I do need to mention is the noise. Our hotel was on the second floor facing Powell Street. Right next to the cable car tracks. And yes, it was quite noisy. It didn’t bother us that much because it felt like were really experiencing San Francisco. But I know it might bother other people. To that I would suggest asking for a room toward the back, I’m sure those are much quieter.

But that was really the only downside. My sister and I both loved the hotel and agreed we will definitely be staying there again. I’m so happy my internet searching days are over.

Hotel Union Square 
114 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

full disclosure: I was given a free room upgrade and a welcome gift in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. I really loved this hotel.

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