Visiting Pittock Mansion

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When in Portland there was one spot that was a “must visit” for me – Pittock Mansion. Not only did I have friends who recommended it but it’s a central location in the Wildwood series. Have you read Wildwood? I highly recommend it. Plus, it’s no secret I have a thing for historic homes.

Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion is situated on the western end of the city and is surrounded by nature. On our visit it was raining which only added to the appeal.


The mansion dates to 1914 and was home to the Pittock family until 1958. As things go the mansion fell into disrepair and was threatened with demolition in the 1960’s. Luckily, a group of concerned citizens banded together and saved the historic site and it’s been a museum ever since. We stopped by on a weekday and were joined by several other visitors. It’s a popular place!


The tour of the home is self guided which was awesome. As much as I like guided tours there’s something to be said for going at your own pace. Plus, there were several docents on hand to answer any questions that arose.


As I wandered around every turn brought a new delight. I love historic kitchens and the mansion did not disappoint.


I love that pantry! And the library…


One day I will have a library. Even if I live in a bungalow – I will have a library.

The Pittock Mansion is beautiful inside and out. It offers a commanding view of Portland and despite the rain we could still see quite a bit.


It’s a must see for any visitor to Portland.

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