Zero Flocs Given Debuts at Angel City Brewery

In the time that I’ve been covering Angel City Brewery countless other independent breweries have entered the scene. Yet, with their innovative offerings and constantly rotating menu they’ve managed to stay at the top of the heap and remain my favorite. Recently, they sent me a sample of their very latest, Zero Flocs Given, and I was eager to try it.

zero flocs given

Zero Flocs Given is a New England Style IPA available in limited edition cans and on tap exclusively at the brewery. Now, I must admit that the mention of IPA generally makes me nervous as It’s not usually my cup of tea due to its tendency towards bitterness.

So I don’t know what it is about Zero Flocks Given but I love it. It’s got a tart, citrusy flavor that’s also quite tropical. I do love tropical iced tea…maybe this reminds me of it a little? Who knows? But, I do really enjoy it and ended up drinking the whole can which never happens with an IPA.

Beers like this are the reason I keep coming back to Angel City. No matter how many competitors are out there they remain at the top of the their game.

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