Jeni’s Introduces Dark Chocolate Truffle Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Two days ago it was Thanksgiving and it was 94 degrees. 94! On Thanksgiving! And it’s still warm out. Ugh. Ughughugh. In times of insufferable fall heatwaves there’s only one thing to do – go get ice cream. Unfortunately, that deliciously creamy treat tends to wreak havoc on my insides so I really shouldn’t eat it (but of course I do). Luckily, Jeni’s has come to the rescue and introduced their first dairy-free ice cream, Dark Chocolate Truffle, and I was lucky enough to score a free scoop.

Wow. Just…wow. One lick and I was 100% sold. It took Jeni’s founder, Jeni Britton Bauer, over 5 years to come up with the perfect recipe as she didn’t want to cut corners with any synthetic ingredients. She finally found the perfect combination of coconut cream and fair-trade¬†cocoa and Dark Chocolate Truffle was born. It’s so deliciously rich and creamy and I just love it. Since it’s made with coconut cream the flavor of the fruit does come through which makes it a chocolate coconut delight.

Dark Chocolate Truffle is available in all local scoop shops and is definitely worth seeking out. For those of that have trouble with dairy it’s the perfect alternative.


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