A Honey of a Time at Honeyville Farms

Confession time. I am the worst when it comes to emergency preparation. You’d think living in an area where there’s always discussion of the next “big one” and there’s a drought going on and our water is trucked in from miles and miles away and fire danger lurks around every corner…well…you’d think I’d be at least a little prepared. But nope. I’m like those folks in that Twilight Zone episode. The one where only one family has a bomb shelter and all the neighbors are banging on the door begging to come in because something bad is coming. Yup, I’m the one banging away.

But if you’re not like me and you actually are proactive about emergency preparation have I got a place for you. It’s called Honeyville Farms and it’s got you covered.

Honeyville Farms is a store located in Rancho Cucamonga that sells shelf stable food items, emergency supplies, and bulk grains. It’s perfect for the safety guru, the camper, or even the baker in your life.
That’s a lotta flour!

I recently visited the store and was given a tour. Not only did I learn that I’m woefully underprepared for any sort of emergency (newsflash, I know) but also that a lot of this stuff comes in handy in our everyday life. Like the freeze dried fruit in the top photo. Perfect snack. I’ve been buying the little snack packs at Sprouts for about $2 bucks a pop. Here you can get a whole can full for a fraction of the price. And since it’s winter, how about some hot cocoa?

And you know it’s now the time of the year for baking holiday goodies.
And I suppose if you are looking to prep for the next natural disaster you can always grab a water drum.
or a solar oven.
Honeyville Farms has sure got you covered. And don’t worry about me. I did grab a few emergency supplies while I was there. If something happens while I’m in my car, I’m good to go!

Honeyville Farms
9175 Milliken  Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
open M-F 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm

full disclosure: I attended a blogger event at Honeyville Farms and received a goodie basket. All opinions are my own. And the stuff for my car? I bought that on my own. See? I’m trying.

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