Lazy Sunday – Bob Hope’s 5 Best Films

Lazy Sunday – a weekly column where I discuss my favorite lazy day indulgences – movies, television shows, books and music. 

So this week one of the local news stories is the Bob Hope garage sale. The Toluca Lake home of the famous comedian will be going on the market soon (for the first time ever!) and a garage sale was held this weekend at the residence. Because of this I’ve got Bob Hope on the brain. And I totally don’t mind because he is one of my very favorite entertainers. The man was hilarious and quite the humanitarian, too.

So I thought I’d share with you today 5 of my favorite Bob Hope movies.  I encourage you to see them all because they are awesome!

1) The Road Pictures – Ok, ok I know this is technically a film series but it’s the essential introduction for any Bob Hope newbie. Bob and Bing and Dorothy Lamour make one of the funniest trios to ever grace the silver screen. My two favorites are Road to Morocco and Road to Rio.

2) Never Say Die – This is an early Hope film about one Mr. Kidley – a hypochondriac who is convinced he is about to die. It’s an early screwball comedy with a delightful performances by Hope and his costars Martha Raye and Andy Devine.
3) My Favorite Brunette – This one is a murder mystery that pairs Hope with his road film co-star Dorothy Lamour. It is absolutely hilarious and has a great supporting cast that includes Peter Lorre and Lon Chaney, Jr.
4) My Favorite Blonde – Bob Hope made a trio of “My Favorite” movies that happen to be completely unrelated to each other. This one pairs Hope with Madeleine Carroll in an espionage thriller comedy.
5) The Paleface – The ultimate Bob Hope comedy. An old west tail of a hapless dentist and Calamity Jane it co-stars Jane Russell and produced the Oscar winning song “Buttons and Bows.” I have to say this one is my all time Hope favorite and the sequel, Son of Paleface, is not too shabby either.

Oh and if you’re wondering if I went to the garage sale, of course I did! I snag a couple of items that you can find over at my twitter page.

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