A Taste of South City Fried Chicken

In the past few years food halls have become a huge trend in the culinary world. Replacing the food courts of old these one stop food shops often feature a wide variety of hand made, locally sourced dishes and are popping up everywhere from suburbia to the city center. So far, my gold standard is the Anaheim Packing House but I’m always game to try to the newest spot in town. Recently, the Corporation Food Hall opened in downtown LA and I stopped by to preview the offerings from vendor South City Fried Chicken.

South City Fried Chicken is the brainchild of Joshua Kopel and Chef Sammy Monsour the duo behind  downtown favorite, Preux & Proper. The Southern inspired restaurant serves some of the best dishes in Los Angeles but its price point makes it a spot for special occasions only (at least for this wallet). Wanting to bring their innovative fare to the masses the team opened South City Fried Chicken offering an extensive variety of chicken sandwiches in a fast casual setting.

Now when I say extensive I mean extensive. There are 7 different sandwiches named and inspired by various Southern cities like Miami, Austin and New Orleans as well as various plates and sides.

Don’t worry, they’re not this small – at the preview we were served bite-sized portions. This is the New Orleans topped with creole remoulade, cajun spice, thai basil, fried egg, benne seeds, collard green kimchi & ginger-miso bbq sauce. This Korean/Cajun fusion was my favorite sandwich of the night offering a rich flavor with just the right amount of spice.

I also enjoyed the Nashville topped with pickles and slaw. Compared to the New Orleans it seems pretty basic but as they say “less is more” and the fresh fried chicken topped with the spicy pickles and the creamy slaw made for a tasty combo.

If any of the sandwiches are a bit too spicy you can always cool down with a refreshing Dole Whip. I’m always excited when I can find my favorite Magic Kingdom dish outside of the park.

I’d definitely love to head back to South City Fried Chicken and try some more of their tasty sandwiches like the Tex Mex inspired Austin or the Caribbean influenced Miami but if the restaurant has a downside it’s the price. Each sandwich is $11.99 a la carte which is a bit too pricey (at least give me some fries!) but they do offer a daily happy hour from 5-7 in which the price reduces to $9.99. So next time I find myself downtown in the early evening I know just where to go.

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