A Day of Vintage Fashion at the Ebell Club of Los Angeles

My everyday wear might be pretty casual but every once in awhile I like to dress up and hit the town. Especially if it’s a vintage inspired event. I LOVE vintage fashion and if my pockets were any deeper I’d be quite the clotheshorse. So whenever I have a chance to view some some pieces, whether on display or in a fashion show, I make sure to go. Luckily, I’m a member of the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles and recently had a chance to attend a members only day of vintage fashion at the Ebell Club of Los Angeles.

I’ve been a member of the Art Deco Society (ADSLA) for some time and it’s one of my favorite organizations. Devoted to all that is Deco the Society celebrates the era through advocacy and preservation of local landmarks and several fun social events. This year, ADSLA has been killing it with the events and last week’s visit to the Ebell Club was fantastic.

The Ebell Club is philanthropic women’s organization that was founded in 1894. The current clubhouse, located just off Wilshire, was built in 1927 and is a magnificent structure. A few years ago I had a chance to tour the building with the LA Conservancy and was completely in awe. It really is one of the most beautiful buildings in Los Angeles.

But this visit had nothing to do with the building. Instead we were going to view the club’s extensive collection of Deco fashion that has been accumulated through years of member donations. On my prior tour I had a brief peek at some of it and knew I was in for something special but I had no idea just how extensive the collection is.

Racks and racks of dresses from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. A table full of vintage hats. Costumes! Shoes! It. Was. Awesome.

Over the course of an hour the club’s fashion committee led us on a journey through three decades of LA fashion with each piece more beautiful that the last. We attendees gave a chorus of ooh’s and ahh’s at all the beautiful items and were amazed at the detailed workmanship of each piece.

After the tour were we give time to look at the pieces up close and I headed straight for the hats. I have a pretty big noggin’ and it’s hard for me to find one that fits so I can’t help but salivate at these delicate works of art that I will never be able to wear.

I can just see Rosalind Russell in that last one!

Of course, the dresses were also wonderful and I was surprised that I was especially drawn to the ones from the 1920’s. I always thought I preferred the 30’s and 40’s but this visit may have changed my mind.

Sigh, they’re just so beautiful.

I’ve long been a fan of ADSLA events and this one just might be my favorite one yet. The Ebell of Los Angeles has a most impressive fashion collection and I’m so happy they invited us to view it. It was an afternoon I won’t soon forget.

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