An Animated Evening – Attending Jerry Beck’s Animation Tuesdays

Ok, so I’m totally late in writing about this particular tip. I actually checked it out in early September, but then I got sick and maybe neglected the ole blog for awhile and I just never ended up writing about it. But, I think it’s worthy of a mention, so here goes.

Have you ever heard of Cinefamily? Well basically they are the current residents of The Silent Movie Theatre. And what is The Silent Movie Theatre? It’s this teeny tiny theatre on Fairfax and Melrose that for years and years has been showing silents.

And I mean years. Since 1942 in fact. But, I’m not here to talk about silents. Although I do love them. Especially Buster Keaton and Harold LLoyd. So, so hilarious. But, I’m getting sidetracked again. What I am here to talk about is Jerry Becks Animation Tuesdays. On the first Tuesday of each month, animation historian Jerry Beck presents a gaggle of cartoon shorts surrounding a specific theme. Since I went in September the theme was “Back to School” and we saw a bunch of toons centered around education. Like the famous Donald in Mathmagic Land.

But, if you think he shows a bunch of well known toons you’d be mistaken. In addition to gold old Donald we also saw such rarities as a 1940’s Disney short about menstruation (no joke!), a Mr. Magoo cartoon about cancer (still serious) and a beautiful technicolor piece about steel manufacturing (would I lie to you?).

As much as I loved seeing Donald, I was more thrilled about the obscure pieces. Where else would I ever see them? And all for the low, low price of $10. Can’t lose.

And, as an added bonus you can usually find cheaper tickets on Goldstar. What’s Goldstar? Well, it’s one of the original discount offer sites. You can find tickets to all sorts of events (plays, concerts, sports, comedy, dance, etc.) at a discounted price. It’s the only site I go to when a Broadway touring production comes to town so’s that I never have to pay full price. Check it out!

Jerry Beck Animation Tuesdays @The Silent Movie Theatre
611 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
$10 admission

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