Meet Me At Pop’s – Having Breakfast at Pop’s Cafe

And I don’t mean Pop’s Chok’lit Shoppe. Although…wouldn’t it be awesome if I did? I’d love to hang out with Archie and the gang. But, once again, I’m straying off topic. I’m actually talking about Pop’s Cafe an old fashioned diner in the heart of Santa Ana.

Now, I grew up in Santa Ana not too far from this diner. And based on the sign

courtesy of LA Time Machines

I can safely say Pop’s has been around for awhile. How is it then that I never knew about it until this year???? Pop’s is located just off Main Street which I’ve traveled on countless times. All I can think is that I never bothered to look down any of the side streets. If I had, I would have visited a lot sooner.

But, as it was, my first visit occurred merely a few weeks ago. I met my friend for a late breakfast. We sidled up to the counter which,

also from LA Time Machines

as you can see, dominates most of the space. Luckily there’s plenty of out door seating because Pop’s is popular. Again, how did I not know about this place????

I ordered the Sunrise – 2 eggs scrambled with ham, onion, and bell peppers. I opted for Irish potatoes and toast on the side. But then I saw that I could get biscuits. Biscuits! Quicker than I flash I replaced my toast order with them. My friend opted for eggs, bacon, hash browns, and white toast (boring).

I actually took these photos

Both of our meals were around $7 a piece. Not too shabby! And we both really enjoyed them. The egg scramble was quite tasty and mmmmm….biscuits. I need to order those more often. The only thing I wasn’t too into was the Irish potatoes. It was essentially hash browns with onions and bell peppers. Since, I’m not so into hash browns it wasn’t my thing.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Pop’s. Now I have to go all the time to make up for those lost years!

Pop’s Cafe
112 E. 9th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701
open M-F 7am-2:30pm, Sat & Sun 7am-1:30pm


  1. Auntie em March 16, 2017 at 8:28 am

    What? Biscuits without sausage gravy ? The rest looks yummy and you can’t beat the price. Did it come with coffee ?

    1. mk1005 March 20, 2017 at 10:41 pm

      Sausage gravy? Yuck! I like my biscuits with a bit of honey. And coffee was separate.

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