Celebrating Autumn With Bella’s Fall Coat

As soon as August rolls around I start long for fall. I just want to put on a sweater, grab a hot cider and curl up with a good book. Well, today it’s finally here. It’s the first day of Autumn and while the weather may not be cooperating at least I’ve got the perfect book – Bella’s Fall Coat.


Always a fan of illustrated children’s books I was happy to receive my review copy. As soon as I saw the colorful cover I knew it would be a delight to read. Written by Lynn Plourde it tells the story of Bella, a little girl who loves Fall as much as I do. When the season rolls around she puts on her coat and discovers it’s a bit smaller than she remembered. Her grandma insists on making her a new one but Bella is adamant this is the only coat for her and proceeds to wear it as she enjoys all the wonders of the season.

The sweet story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations from Susan Gal. The pages pop with color as we see Bella frolicking in the leaves, picking apples and spending time with her grandma. The autumnal images burst from the pages and it’s the coziest of reads. It’s really the perfect tale for story time and luckily I just happen to know a little girl who is sure to love it. When I pass it on to her I know she and her mom will have a lovely time learning all about Bella, her grandma and her Fall coat.

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