Lunching at The Poke Shack

If pressed to name the latest food trend I would have to say poke. Dining spots featuring this fresh dish are opening up all over SoCal and you can find offerings in many local markets. I, for one, am delighted about this. I love poke and the more places I can find it the better. Recently, I was invited to try the offerings at The Poke Shack and I quickly headed there for a recent lunch.


The Poke Shack has three locations in the LA area, 2 in Venice and one on Melrose between Fairfax and LaBrea. Last week, I headed to Melrose to grab lunch and inside I found an array of choices to build my own bowl.

img_5514 img_5515 img_5513

I had two sizes to choose from ,the lil daddy and the big daddy, and opted for the smaller one. I started with a base of brown rice and a sampling of both proteins, salmon and ahi. Then it was time for the toppings and, seriously, I wanted them all. Everything was so fresh and colorful! I opted for a hearty sampling and topped it off with a crunchy garlic sauce.


Oh YUM. Each item from the shrimp to the mango to radishes was unbelievably fresh. The sauce was filled with flavor and paired beautifully with all the items. And though I opted for the smaller size it was generously portioned and made for a filling meal. Mm, mm, mm.

The Poke Shack is a fresh, convenient option to get your poke fix. I know I’ll be hitting it up again soon.

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