Drinking and Painting at Paint Nite

Recently I’d been hearing a lot about the popularity of painting nights. You know, the ones that combine alcohol and painting classes. It sounded like a lot of fun and I knew I just had to try it for myself. Enter Paint Nite – an organization that holds several of these classes throughout the LA area. I browsed through the schedule and decided to head back to my beloved Downtown and attend a class at Casey’s Irish Pub.

I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised to find a room already set up for us with easels and paint and everything we needed. I was also shocked at how popular it was.

That’s a lot of canvas!

Our instructor for the night was Ezra Edmond and he did a great job. He selected a painting for us to follow but encouraged us to think outside the box and just use it as a guideline. That’s exactly my line of thinking so I was pretty excited.

So here’s the sample painting.

Pretty cute. But I’m not so into pink so I started with a blue background.

Looks like my cider is trying to photobomb the picture. Anyway, I thought green might be a nice addition so I added….a bit.

So far I’ve got different colors but am keeping with the general idea. Then, I added a couple of birds thought I was done and inspiration hit. Maybe not so much inspiration but an idea that was quickly encouraged by my companion.

Yup, I went for the full on “Birds” look. Painting, beer, and Hitchcock. Works for me.
And judging by a couple of those canvases I’m not the only one who strayed from the sample.

You can check out the Paint Night schedule here. There are, literally, locations all over the LA area.

full disclosure: I was provided with two free tickets to Paint Night. I paid for my own food and drinks. All opinions are my own.

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