Enjoying Game Night with Caption the Baby!

Prior to the pandemic my friends and I would meet regularly at a local brewery for game night. It was so much fun and we all missed it dearly during covid. Recently, we were able to get the gang back together for some food and fun at Modern Times in Anaheim and to celebrate I brought a brand new game for us to play called Caption the Baby!

Caption the Baby

Whenever my friends and I get together for game night we always surprise each other with the games we brings. Sometimes it’s old favorites, like the ever reliable Codenames, and other times it’s brand new selections that we decide to try out together. Recently, the folks behind Caption the Baby! sent me a copy and I decide game night would be the perfect time to give it a whirl.

Captioin the Baby

In Caption the Baby! the premise is simple. There’s a photo card of a cute baby and a bunch of playing cards with funny phrases. Each person tries to match the perfect phrase to the baby and the best one wins. Easy Peasy. I’m not one for long, involved games and I was happy this one was quick to understand and play…especially after imbibing a couple of beers.

Caption the Baby

Soon my friends and I were matching captions to babies and giggling over the goofy phrases. It was fun finding out how my friends and I each interpreted the pictures and we were laughing over our different opinions. We also all agreed the game would be absolutely perfect for a baby shower. Instead of the played out “Don’t say baby” or the gross guess the chocolate poopy diaper game how about a round of Caption the Baby!? It will be sure to get the guests chatting and laughing.

Caption the Baby

As for my friends and I…we had a fun time hanging out, drinking some beer and playing some games. Caption the Baby! marked the return of game night and with such an auspicious start we’re sure to have tons of fun at future meet ups.

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