From Hughes to Hercules with the LA Conservancy

This weekend may not be over yet but I already know my plans for next Saturday. You can find me on October 24 in Playa Vista with the LA Conservancy touring the former Hughes Aircraft Company.

From Hughes To Hercules is a special tour put on by the conservancy to highlight this important piece of Los Angeles history. The plant was founded in 1940 by Howard Hughes and was responsible for the creation of various planes, helicopters, satellites and other aerospace craft. Perhaps, the most famous product to come out of the plant is the Spruce Goose.

IMG_6504                courtesy of The Ratkovich Company

Included in the tour will be the very building the Spruce Goose was built in (as seen above). This will be the last chance to visit the space as it looked when the famed plane was built as it will soon undergo renovation for it’s future use as a creative space. In fact, since The Ratkovich Company purchased the property the entire campus has been transformed as a creative hub. The buildings were carefully preserved and giving new life as the home of several innovative companies.

Hercules Today                courtesy of The Ratkovich Company

From Hughes to Hercules is the perfect opportunity to learn all about the legacy of this historic property and it’s exciting future. To purchase tickets click here.

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