Strolling Through a Newport Beach Sculpture Garden

A few months back I was headed to Fashion Island in Newport Beach. As I turned from MacArthur Blvd. I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Was it? No. Could it be? No. It was! A giant rabbit!

Newport Beach Sculpture Garden

“How odd,” I thought and continued  on my way. This past week I headed back to Fashion Island to catch the screening of Bridge of Spies and decided to get there a bit early to do some investigating. Turns out the rabbit is only a small portion of an outdoor sculpture exhibit in Civic Center Park.


Sculpture in the Civic Center Park is a temporary exhibit featuring 20 different sculptures scattered throughout the park. The sculptures were placed in two phases in September of 2014 and 2015 and each set will remain for two years. Passing by I had only noticed the rabbit but when I took the time to walk around it was a whole other story.


The park is adjacent to the civic center and there is plenty of free parking available. From the street the park looks small but looks are deceiving and it actually takes up two blocks. I started along the path and came across several unique pieces including the above Cub Triptych by Gerardo Hacer. I also found several seating areas and picnic tables – I bet it’s a lovely spot for city employees to enjoy their lunch.


Continuing up a hill I turned and saw a magnificent view of the ocean. There were scattered showers and the weather pattern was fascinating to see. I continued on and saw more interesting pieces including my favorite Demoiselle by LT Mustardseed.


I then passed through a blue tunnel

and found myself at a pedestrian bridge/observation deck. Curious I took the elevator to the top and was treated with an amazing view.

Newport Beach Sculpture GardenI then cross the pedestrian bridge to the second block of the park and was soon surrounded by dogs. Real live ones. Turns out there’s very popular a dog park on the grounds which was the perfect spot for this fun piece.


Big Wet Dog by Matt Babcock. From afar it looked like a bunch of squiggles but once I read the sign…well…you can see it. Reminds me of my Bailey.

I headed back across the street and found more interesting pieces as I wandered the trail.


Double Doily by Jennifer Cecere.


Re-cycled by Jarod Charzewski and Sean Mueller.


Pretty Boy by David Buckingham.


Sphere 112 by Ivan McLean.

I was so glad I took the time to stop and visit the Civic Center Park. With lots of hills and stairs it made for a good workout and the art was a wonderful bonus.

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