Hiking in Andrew Molera State Park

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Did you know that when you pay admission to one California State Park you have access to all the others in the same day?  We found this out when we visited Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. As we were heading home down Highway 1 we decided to stop at others along the way. The first one we came across was Andrew Molera State Park in Big Sur.

Andrew Molera State Park

When we entered the park ranger advised that the footbridge was out and any hikes would include wading across a 2 foot deep stream. No biggie! So we merrily headed on our way. When we got to the trail head we decided to attempted the 1 mile hike to the beach. Soon after we came across the stream. The water was crystal clear and cold and the rocks were very slippery. For this city dweller I soon discovered it was a task easier said than done. But we both managed to make it across intact.

Our hike took us through lovely meadows filled with wildflowers, including the beloved poppy.

meadow wildflowerspoppies

We also went through groves of trees where there were signs warning of poison oak. Yikes! Luckily, we again passed through without incident.

big sur

Before we knew it the dirt trail turned into sand and we were on the beach.

Big Sur Big Sur

It was extremely windy and incredibly beautiful. I had never been on the beach in Big Sur and it was quite a memorable experience. I’ll never forget it.
Andrew Molera State Park

Highway 1

Big Sur, CA 93920

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