Join Panera Bread in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

full disclosure: I was given a gift card to try out the Pink Ribbon Bagel. As always, all opinions are my own. 

As you probably know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many businesses are taking the opportunity to support this worthy cause, including Panera Bread.

panera bread
The entryway to my local Panera Bread. Cozy, right?

During the month of October Panera Bread releases their limited edition Pink Ribbon Bagels.

These bagels were created in 2001 by Sue Stees, a Panera franchisee. Sue is a breast cancer survivor and developed the bagels as a fundraising campaign for breast cancer research. Panera loved the idea so much they adopted the bagel in every store and to this day 10 cents of each bagel sold is donated to a breast cancer charity.

In Southern California the proceeds will be going to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. And to make things even better tomorrow, October 18th, Panera will be donating 100% of the Pink Ribbon Bagel sales. 100% percent! That’s great!

Pink Ribbon Bagels contain cherry chips, dried cherries, cranberries, vanilla, honey, and brown sugar. I made sure to try one and they are quite tasty! I toasted mine and topped it with some Kerrygold butter – deeelicious!

So tomorrow, get thee to a Panera Bread and pick up a Pink Ribbon Bagel!

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