Meet Taylor Donsker – The Man Behind Taylor Donsker Design

A few weeks back I wrote about attending the Hello, Again event in Santa Monica. As you may recall, I mentioned one of the featured businesses – Taylor Donsker Design. That night, I met its namesake and was subsequently invited to visit the studio so that I could discovery the story behind the company.

taylor donsker

Taylor Donsker Design specializes in handmade wood furniture and accessories.  Some of the items available are cutting boards,

cutting boards

side tables,

side table


book shelves

and incredible dining tables.

dining table

Each item is handmade by Taylor and his assistant Bradley Allen. Here they are hard at work on a new dining table.

taylor donsker

The studio is located in Santa Monica in a complex that dates back several years. Since it was in Santa Monica, I totally expected it to be some slick, hoity toity studio. Nope, it’s an honest to goodness industrial workshop. You can rest assured that Taylor’s own blood, sweat, and tears come into each and every piece. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but he does work hard on each piece.

taylor donsker

So how did Taylor get into the furniture design racket? In high school he learned welding and woodworking. These skills came into good use when he was in college (studying architecture) and decided to make himself a lamp. After graduation he began work as an architect and decided he no longer wanted the lamp so he sold it on Craigslist. The buyer loved it so much she commissioned him to build her a bookshelf. Soon, he was an architect by day and a furniture designer in his off hours. Then he had the opportunity to sell some of his wares on Fab, the awesome shopping site. It was a success and now Taylor Donsker Design is his full time gig.

Isn’t that a fabulous story? I know I love it. And I also love the furniture he makes. Isn’t it so beautiful? And since visiting his studio, I can tell you why. Taylor is truly passionate about his work and the materials that go into it. Each piece of wood is handpicked. He uses local suppliers as often as possible and has taken the care to visit the mills from which his lumber originates.

dining table

At the workshop Taylor told me all about this piece of wood – the nooks and crannies the grains and color tones…I really began to see what a thing of beauty it is. Soon it will be completed with a natural varnish and made into a custom designed dining table. Whoever ordered it is one lucky person!

If you’re interested in obtaining one of his pieces you can visit his website here.

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