NHM 3D Theater Opens at Natural History Museum LA

Having lived near the coast for much of my life I can’t help but be fascinated by the ocean. It’s beautiful, powerful,  at times scary and always fascinating. There’s so much wildlife below the surface it’s a wonder to explore. Only problem is…there’s no way I’m ever scuba diving. Sure I’ll go whale watching…I’ll even snorkel a bit…but there’s no way I’m venturing any further. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities for wimps like me to explore the sea while staying on dry land and one just opened at Natural History Museum LA. Oceans 3D: Our Blue Planet is now playing in their brand new NHM 3D Theater and I was lucky enough to be invited to view it.

The NHM 3D Theater allows museum visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the fascinating creatures that share our planet. The 100 seat theater will offer a range of earth focused 3D films that are both educational and exciting starting with Oceans 3D: Our Blue Planet.

This weekend I headed to the museum to check it out. Produced by BBC Earth and OceanX Media it’s a beautifully shot film that offers an overview of the sea. BBC Earth has made a name for itself producing stunningly detailed wildlife documentaries and Oceans 3D is no different. In just 20 minutes we’re offered up close and personal views of arctic walrus, Pacific sea otters, deep sea crabs and various other creatures.

Photograph by Alex Vail copyright BBC NHU 2017

Watching the film not only was I endlessly fascinated by the creatures on display but I was amazed at how up close and personal the filmmakers were able to shoot them. Just look at that tuskfish in the photo above. You can even see its tiny teeth! And thanks to 3D it feels like you’re right there with it among the coral.

Oceans 3D: Our Blue Planet is an enjoyable addition to a day at the museum. It’s a family friendly film that’s suitable for all ages and offers further insight to several animals featured in the exhibition halls. But it won’t stick around forever. The NHM 3D Theater will offer a rotating slate of wildlife films and I look forward discovering more about the world around me in years to come.

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