Something To Crow About – Happy Hour at The Thirsty Crow

Now, you already know I love happy hour (I’m no lush, really!). But, did you know that I’m also a total sucker for the current trend of retro saloons? Now I know they’re fast becoming cliched but what can I say? I like them.

So, whilst passing through Silver Lake recently I decided to stop by one such establishment, The Thirsty Crow. It was a Sunday evening and…they just happened to have a happy hour! On Sundays, from 2pm-7pm they offer a selection of drinks for $5. I’m there!

from the Museum of Signs

I arrived about 6:30pm and man! the place was jumping. It took awhile to find an empty seat – the bar was full, the tables were full, and there were people standing everywhere. Luckily, I found a tucked away table and began to peruse the menu. It’s pretty extensive, offering a selection of vintage cocktails and many, many varieties of whiskey and bourbon. I zeroed in on the happy hour section and found one of my favorite drinks – the Moscow Mule.

Here’s a pic. Wait. Did I mention the place was dim? I didn’t? Well, it was. Or rather it was dark. So dark that I had to hold the menu next to a teeny tiny candle just to see what I wanted to order. So, anyway, here’s a sorta pic of what I got.

Told ya. But, it’s a clear drink so there’s really not much to see anyway.

You can’t go wrong with a Moscow Mule – a bit of vodka, a bit of ginger beer, a bit of lime. A refreshing cocktail with a bit of a bite to it. And for $5 bucks! Wowee, I think I’ll order another. (I didn’t. I was driving.).

The Thirsty Crow
2939 West Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Sunday happy hour from 2pm-7pm and various other drink specials throughout the week

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