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I love to go to artisan fairs. Whether it’s food or crafts I enjoy perusing the wares offered by local creatives. Sometimes, I enjoy them so much that I just have to make a purchase. Recently, I was at the Patchwork Show in Santa Ana and came across Massey Honey Co. I had some samples and knew I had to buy a jar.

Massey Honey

Massey Honey is 100% raw honey based out of Yorba Linda. That’s where you’ll find hives filled with bees crafting up a storm. They’ve got multiple varieties which vary depending on what the bees are producing. For instance, I was able to try some almond honey on my visit. This was made when the bees took a trip up to Modesto to pollinate some almond trees.

I decided to take home a jar of the wildflower honey and couldn’t wait to use it. When I made my purchase I was given a recipe sheet that included cocktail recipes. Uh oh! So I did what I had to and headed to my cocktail buddies house where we whipped up a couple.

First wee tried the Honey Bourbon Sour, a play on the famed Whiskey Sour.

Honey Bourbon Sour

My talented friend even used egg white to make the perfect foam. The honey was a fun addition to the sour and gave it a sweet hint.

Next up we tried The Bee’s Knees.

Bee's Knees

Oh, YUM! It’s a classic drink made of gin, honey and lemon. I’d never had it before and boy was I missing out! So, so tasty.

Massey Honey is the perfect addition to any cocktail and it’s delicious on it’s own, too. Spread it on some freshly toasted homemade bread…mmm, mmm, mmm.

You can find Massey Honey in local stores or purchase it online here.

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