Taking the Sourcing Saturday Farmer’s Market Tour With Pirch

A few months ago when my fellow bloggers and I were touring the awesome SoCo in Costa Mesa I came across something fascinating. In the store Pirch (formerly Fixtures Living) we found a group of people cooking lots of delicious foods in one of the kitchen displays. I was floored when we were told they were part of a free tour the store offers every Saturday. Yup, I said free! Immediately, I knew I was going to need to take the tour.

As you would imagine, the tour is VERY popular. So much so that I had to sign up two months in advance. Well, this past Saturday I finally took the class. And let me tell you – it was FANTASTIC.

To start things off, we met in the store and enjoyed some coffee and juice. Then, the chef took us all the way into the parking lot where the fabulous SoCo Farmer’s Market was taking place. He showed us all around the market and encouraged us to choose what fruits and vegetables we wanted to cook.

With such variety, how could we decide? So we got a little bit of everything. Then we headed back to the store and got to cooking. We made a plethora of dishes, a few of which you’ll see below. I was so enjoying the fruits of our labor that sometimes I ate before I snapped a pic. Oops.
Doesn’t that look incredible? Like a gourmet meal? It WAS a gourmet meal. Oh so delicious. And I helped make it! And I got to eat it!
I cannot wait to take the class again. And I encourage all of you to sign up, too. It’s open to anyone and it’s free!
3303 Hyland Avenue #D
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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