Touring the CSULB Shark Lab

When I was a little kid I was obsessed with sharks. Every time I’d go to the library I’d head to the science section and check out a bunch of books about them. Over the years my obsession’s waned but I still find them to be fascinating creatures. Recently I learned of the CSULB Shark Lab where biology students participate in cutting edge research. Headed by Dr. Chris Lowe  the lab has a strong reputation in it’s field and will be featured this week in the Discovery Channel Documentary Sharks and the City: LA. To celebrate the lab opened to the public for free tours and I made sure to attend.

Cal State Long Beach is actually my alma mater but as a student I had no idea to the lab existed. But there it is in the Hall of Science.

Inside the lab are an array of specimens, both living and dead, ready for research.

There are also several tanks filled with fascinating marine creatures.

I found myself face to face with an eel,

admired a group of sand dollars,

and attempted to capture (on film) a speeding shark. Those suckers move fast!

Recently, the students were lucky enough to obtain a fully intact humongous lobster shell from an animal that had recently molted.

Look at how big it is compared to that man’s hand!

Vising the shark lab was an eye opening experience. It was endlessly fascinating and offered a glimpse into significant scientific research happening in our own backyard. I know for sure I’ll be tuning into Shark Week on Tuesday to catch Sharks and the City: LA.

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