Visiting the Lomita Railroad Museum

Earlier this year when my friends and I were on our great fast food adventure we happened upon the Lomita Railroad Museum. Tucked into a residential neighborhood it was filled with various rail cars and what looked to be an old train depot. I was instantly curious but we were on a schedule and didn’t have a chance to visit. I decided I had to return and last weekend I did just that.


The Lomita Railroad Museum was started by Irene Lewis as a tribute to her late husband Martin Lewis. Martin and Irene owned a miniature steam engine company based in Lomita called Little Engines. The company was highly successful and among their clients was Walt Disney. In 1967 Irene opened the museum.


The depot is actually a reproduction of an existing depot located in Wakefield, Massachusetts and is lovingly detailed both inside and out. In fact, there’s an authentic ticket counter inside where you pay admission (a reasonable $4). Inside there are also various displays featuring authentic railroad artifacts.


Outside you’ll find authentic rail cars and a 1902 Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive.


Not only can you view this amazing piece of history but you can also go inside!


You can also go inside a 1910 Union Pacific Caboose.

IMG_0440 IMG_0439

Clearly I visited around Halloween.

Across the street is a small park with other authentic rail cars. Quiet and quaint it’s an ideal picnic spot.

IMG_0459 IMG_0458

The Lomita Railroad Museum is a true treasure that’s worth seeking out. Founded with loving care by Irene Lewis it remains a lovely place to visit to this day.


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