Wellness News: Tony Horton, Rexist360 and Power Pilates

full disclosure: I was provided with the items mentioned below. All opinions are my own.

Remember when I told you in the new year that I was going to have an increased focus on wellness? You don’t? Well, good because that goal kinda went down the tubes. Life got in the way with two injuries and a move and…you get the picture. But I’m not giving up! Life’s too short for me not to treat mine as well as possible. Luckily, I’ve recently discovered some tools to help me along the way.

Tony Horton

Are you familiar with Tony Horton? Perhaps you’ve heard of P90X? Well, he’s the founder of that popular workout plan. Recently, I read his new book The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life. In it, he explains the 11 value that he adheres to in his own life. Not necessarily fitness based they are aids for one to be “happier, healthier and more successful. ”

The 11 Laws are ones that anyone can use such as Find a Balance or Stay Flexible. What I like, is that he uses himself as an example. He doesn’t just tell you what to do he also shares how he has used these rules to keep his own life in balance. Along the way you’ll find helpful tips and interviews with various folks who have made good use of the laws. For a self-help book, it’s an interesting read and I couldn’t help but feel motivated when I finished.

Speaking of Tony Horton, this Wednesday he’ll be teach a FREE fitness class at Westfield Century City. It’ll be at 6:30pm in the center court. Simply download the Burn This app or email events@burnthis to RSVP.

Rexist 360

Now that I’ve got my motivation, it’s time to get to work. First up, Rexist360. When I first heard about the product I thought it was a basic resistance band. Then, I opened the package, saw the above pieces and was super confused. Luckily, it comes with a handy dandy DVD which taught me what exactly Rexist360 is. Basically, it’s an extra large resistance band that wraps around your legs with the help of the black cuffs. There was a workout on the DVD so I strapped the band on and started exercising.

Wow! What a workout! The routine isn’t too difficult but the bands really push it to the next level. And the cool part is, you can add the bands to anything to bump up your fitness. Add them when you do yoga…or pilates…or just walking around. Now, I wouldn’t go walking around my neighborhood wearing them but…if I answer my door don’t be surprised to see these strapped around my legs.

Power Pilates

After feeling the burn with rexist360 it was time to try a low impact workout. Luckily, I found the Power Pilates videos. Did you know you can take a pilates class in the comfort of your…anywhere? Power Pilates offers videos to purchase that can be viewed right from your smart phone. I tried “Wake Up & Go w/Carrie Campbell.” It had been awhile since I did some pilates so this was just the video I needed. It showed basic moves that were perfect for me to do at home and I ended up having a nice, low impact workout. I could totally see me using it when I travel. Who am I kidding? I don’t work out when I travel. No NO. I will workout. I’m taking the 11 Laws and applying them now. Just try and stop me.

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