Enjoying a Meal with Outer Aisle Gourmet

When I’m looking for some gluten-free info my go to gal is Mary Lansing of Along Comes Mary and today’s she’s sharing a new find here! Enjoy her review of Outer Aisle Gourmet, a SoCal based brand((complimentary items were provided). Take it away Mary! Something that’s been interesting since I had to go gluten-free is […]

Spotlight on ON Powered Refreshment

Between work and my explorations I’m always out and about. I rarely have time to relax let alone get a good night’s sleep. As such, I’m constantly on the look out for a good morning pick me. You see, I shouldn’t drink coffee because it makes me jittery and I can’t sleep at night if […]

Celebrating Fall With a Cup Of Chai Tea

Fall is here! Fall is here! The weather in SoCal may not reflect it much but I can feel it in the air! I’m ready to break out my sweater, stock up on pumpkins and grab a nice cup of tea. Yup, I’m a tea nut and there’s no better time to enjoy a good […]

Hanging Pictures with the Hang-O-Matic

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Moving is the pits! Seriously. It’s been a couple of months now and I’m still not completely finished. Take picture hanging. At this moment my walls are mostly bare. Luckily, I have a tool that’s going to help me change that in a snap – the […]

Sunday in Seal Beach with Sand Cloud

full disclosure: I received a free Sand Cloud. All opinions are my own. I love the fact that I live near the beach. Sand between my toes, the ocean breeze, the salty air…it all makes me so happy. But my beach outings aren’t the same as most people. Here’s how I like my beach. I […]

Spotlight on Massey Honey Co.

I love to go to artisan fairs. Whether it’s food or crafts I enjoy perusing the wares offered by local creatives. Sometimes, I enjoy them so much that I just have to make a purchase. Recently, I was at the Patchwork Show in Santa Ana and came across Massey Honey Co. I had some samples […]

Reading Learning Not To Drown by Anna Shinoda

  This local spotlight is a little different than most. Instead of telling you about a local product or brand I’m going to highlight an author, Anna Shinoda. Ms. Shinoda, based out of Southern California, recently completed her debut novel, Learning Not To Drown. I was lucky enough to receive a review copy and was […]

Spotlight on Santa Barbara Bar

I’m always looking for a good nutrition bar. Since I work full time I need a healthy snack to help me get through the day. When I came across the Santa Barbara Bar at Expo West I was excited to give it a try. I was sent a sampling by the company and found a […]

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Cabo Chips

  ¬°Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I’m on the road home from vacation so I won’t be able to celebrate much. Be sure to have a margarita for me! Since I knew I’d be traveling today I decided to celebrate a bit early with the perfect festive snack – Cabo Chips. Cabo Chips recently sent me […]

Spotlight on Parachute

Oh man, I love a good night’s sleep. Now, I know most people would agree but isn’t it a rarity nowadays? I know that most of my days consist of me running around like a chicken with its head cut off. By the time I hit the hay I’ve only got a few hours until […]