Spotlight on Sidney Poitier in Blackboard Jungle

As time goes on we lose more and more of our direct connections to the Golden Age. As key players in the history of Hollywood leave us it’s important to treasure those who remain. One such luminary is Sidney Poitier. About to celebrate his 90th birthday he remains one of our most enduring stars. To […]

Spotlight on Laurence Olivier in Rebecca

Now I can’t call myself a big Laurence Olivier fan. I’ve only seen two of his films and one I love and the other I loathe.¬† But the one I love is so absolutely wonderful that I just had to write about it for the Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier Blogathon hosted by Wolffian Classics […]

Visiting the Santa Monica History Museum

A couple months back I was scrolling through Twitter when I noticed a post advising the Santa Monica History Museum would be offering 50 cent admission to celebrate the city’s anniversary. My first thought was, “wow! 50 cent admission? I’m there!” and my second was, “there’s a Santa Monica History Museum?” Yes, this history nerd […]

Weekend Fun in Phoenix

full disclosure: I was invited to visit Phoenix and received complimentary lodging, meals and entertainment. All opinion is my own. As one who has a bad case of wanderlust there’s always a list of destinations I’m dying to visit and I must admit Phoenix wasn’t on it. This Arizona metropolis just a few hours to […]

Watching The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Troop Beverly Hills

When I was a preteen and stuck at home all summer I watched a lot of TV. We didn’t have cable so i would often watch reruns – Gilligan’s Island, I Love Lucy, Beverly Hillbillies, etc. There were also certain movies that were consistently shown on network television and one of them was Troop Beverly […]

Enjoying Summer Treats at Ruby’s Diner

Well, Memorial Day has passed and it seems summer has arrived. I must admit, it’s not my favorite time of year. Despite living in Southern California I don’t care for the beach and I certainly don’t care for the heat. But I do like a good summery treat like ice cream, a milkshake and really […]

An Afternoon at District Wine

Long Beach is a place ripe for exploring. A surprisingly large city that often gets overlooked thanks to its neighbor to the north it’s filled with hidden gems. Recently, I headed there with the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association for an afternoon of complimentary wine tasting at the charming District Wine. District Wine […]

Watching The Fallen Idol at the Laemmle Royal

When I was looking over the schedule for last month’s TCM Film Festival one movie that caught my eye was The Fallen Idol. A British noir from the director of The Third Man, Carol Reed, it it seemed right up my alley. But as things go, I didn’t make it to the screening only to […]

Touring Capitol Records

As a fan of historic architecture there are several Los Angeles landmarks that I adore. The Eastern Columbia Building. The Los Angeles Central Library. Capitol Records. In fact, it had long been my dream to get inside that mid-century masterpiece. Designed to look like a stack of records by famed architect Welton Becket¬† it signifies […]

Enjoying Drinks at The Lincoln

Lincoln Boulevard is one of the busiest stretches on the Westside. Populated with strip malls and fast food shops it’s long been a way to get from one place to another and not itself a destination. Lately, things have been changing and more unique establishments are populating the thoroughfare. Last week, I was invited to […]