Thai This…

Update: Sadly Thai Swan has closed its doors. I will remember the Pad See Ew with fondness. 

I guarantee you’ll like it! And what is it? Why it’s Thai Swan Restaurant in Orange. This small restaurant in a nondescript shopping mall serves some of the best Thai food that I’ve tasted. And it’s a bargain to boot!

Thai Swan offers a large selection of lunch specials that vary from $7.50-$9.95. These specials not only include an entree, but also soup, salad, a spring roll and rice! That’s a whole lot for a small price. The salad is especially delicious – lettuce, veggies, cantaloupe, avocado and a homemade dressing. Yum!

Thai Swan

And don’t forget your entree! I always get the Chicken Pad See Ew, a delicious dish with flat rice noodles, broccoli, chicken and a whole lotta goodness. Delicious! Now, you’d think with all those starters, the entree would be of a modest size. Wrong! It’s a hearty serving that’ll stuff you to the gills.

So check out Thai Swan and enjoy!

Thai Swan
724 E. Katella Ave.
Orange, CA 92867

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