Putterin’ to Palm Springs – A Bargain Excursion

Why hello dahlings! As you can see I’ve just been on an excursion in my motor car. Took a trip on down to the Springs. Why dahlings, it was hotter than Hades down there, pardon the expression, but I did manage to take a stroll on down the drive. Palm Canyon Drive that is.

Whilst on my promenade, I decided to visit the establishment of one Josh Agle, otherwise known as Shag dahlings. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. I entered upon his retail establishment, Shag: The Store.

And, dahlings, why I could have bought out the entire inventory. But times being what they are I had to resist the urge to dig deep in my pocketbook and instead purchased a wee post card of the Welcome to Palm Springs image. One dollar, dahlings, for a frame worthy print. Why, score, if I do say so myself. If you find yourself on the Drive, stop by this young man’s establish, but keep an eye on those pocketbooks! (Wink, wink).

Now, dahlings, I always think that after a bit of commerce on should obtain a bit of culture. So I continued on down the Drive to the local museums. First stop, Ruddy’s General Store, a museum that manages to combine culture and commerce.

Why dahlings, it’s a recreation of a general store from the 1930’s complete with authentic period merchandise. Behold –

Why it was simply amazing! The highlight on my day in fact. And this fascinating glimpse into the past is available for the low, low price of 95 cents, dahlings.

A simple stroll next door found me at the oldest building in the Springs, The McAllum Adobe. The headquarters of the Palm Springs Historical Society, this modest museum offered a glimpse into a history of the Springs. Admission was $1, darlings. Quite a deal. Unfortunately, no pictures, as I simply forgot to take them.

After promenading down the drive, my companion and I were simply famished. We happened upon a quaint spot called Tyler’s Burgers. Once ensconced on the shaded patio I perused the menu and decided to order the signature dish.

Doesn’t that look delish? And, dahlings, it was. A hand formed patty cooked to perfection. Just the right sustenance for our journey homeward. Now, dahlings, it was modestly priced although not a complete bargain at $6.75. Sometimes it’s worth a few extra pennies for quality.

So, dahlings, grab your motor car and head on down to the Springs for an especially enjoyable, inexpensive excursion. Toodles!

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