The Queen Mary Celebrates Her 80th Anniversary

Being a fan of all things Deco I can’t help but be glad the Queen Mary found her permanent home in Long Beach. The famed ocean liner is the epitome of old school glamour and we’re lucky that it still exists today. This year is particularly celebratory as tomorrow, May 27th, 2016, marks the 80th anniversary of her maiden voyage. As such, the liner will be celebrating through the year with special events. In fact, tomorrow there’s free admission for all.

I was lucky enough to celebrate a bit early on the ship when I attended a preview screening of the new BBC documentary – The Queen Mary: Greatest Ocean Liner. This fascinating film showcases the rich history of the famous ship. From it’s origin in the shipyards of Scotland to it’s wartime duty as a troop transport to it’s days as the height of glamorous travel no stone remains unturned. Filled with archival footage and testimonies from those who knew her best (passengers and employees alike) it’s a beautiful tribute to the liner. Going into the screening I was aware of some of the ship’s history but I soon realized there was much I didn’t know. For instance, during World War II she played an instrumental role in helping Jewish people flee Europe and after the war she transported thousands of British war brides to their new homes in America. Some of those women are still with us and I was lucky enough to have them in the audience during my screening. To hear their personal stories of this adventurous moment of their lives was unforgettable.



Also, in the audience was Randolph Churchill, great grandson of Winston Churchill. The historic figure spent a great deal of time on the ship, particularly during wartime. Because of this connection the Queen Mary is launching a brand new exhibit entitled Passion for Painting: The Art of Winston Churchill. The exhibit opens tomorrow and will feature several beautiful works of art including some that are making their American debut.  I, for one, can’t wait to see them.

Happy 80th Anniversary to the Queen Mary! I’m glad you are still here.

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