Visiting Orchard Supply Hardware in Lakewood

full disclosure: I attended a media event at Orchard Supply Hardware and received a gift bag. All opinions are my own.

About a year ago I previewed a new Orchard Supply Hardware in Cerritos which marked the San Jose based company’s return to the area. Well, I’m happy to report the return was a success and the brand is continuing to expand in the region. Recently, two new stores opened in Buena Park and Lakewood and I was lucky enough to tour the Lakewood location.

Orchard Hardware Lakewood

One thing I love about Orchard Supply Hardware is how inviting the stores are. As soon as you walk in the door there are lovely displays and smiling faces welcoming you.


On my visit I met many of the friendly employees who were happy to share their various departments. The store is chock full of everything one could need to repair, renovate or simply DIY. There’s a myriad of paint options in an infinite amount of colors.

IMG_1868 IMG_1870

There’s tons of hardware available for decoration, organization, repair, renovation and more.

IMG_1893 IMG_1891

Need a do-dad, a thingy or a whatchamacallit? The workbench area has drawers upon drawers of all the bits and pieces needed to keep a home together.

IMG_1894 IMG_1896

And since it’s California and it’s already hot as blazes even though it’s only February there’s lots of patio options available.

IMG_1877 IMG_1876


My absolute favorite section is the garden area. Although I have a brown thumb I still love to look at all the flora and dream of planting something beautiful.

IMG_1881 IMG_1879 IMG_1878

*Sigh* Someday I’ll make something grow.

If you’re in the area I’d recommend stopping by the Lakewood or Buena Park store this weekend (2/20 & 2/21) for the Grand Opening. The first 100 people in line on Saturday will get a $25 gift card and the first 1,000 each day will get a tote bag. There’ll also be raffles and giveaways all weekend so head on down!


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