Enjoying Brunch at Urban Press Winery & Restaurant in Burbank

When I think of Burbank I often think of film studios like Disney and Warner Bros. I sometimes think about fairy tale cottages and vintage shops on Magnolia Blvd. One thing I never think about is wineries. Call me crazy, but the industry town just north of LA doesn’t call to mind fine wine. Yet, it’s home to just that at Urban Press Winery & Restaurant.

Urban Press Wine

Recently, I was invited to visit Urban Press and, I must say, I really didn’t know what to expect. When wineries pop up in unexpected places they often are  accompanied by raised eyebrows. How good could they possibly be when they’re nowhere near actual wine country? When it comes to Urban Press the answer is pretty dang good.

Urban Press Wine

Owned by Giovanni D’Andrea, Urban Press Winery was opened in 2016 in the heart of Burbank. Crafting wines since 2012, D’Andrea works exclusively with a Sonoma winery to hand pick their grapes for his varietals. Available exclusively at the tasting room there are a wide variety of reds, whites, rosés and blends to choose from. During my visit I opted for the 2016 Petit Verdot and its rich, full bodied flavor brought to mind freshly ripened berries. It was delicious.

Urban Press Burbank

Also delicious was the mimosa that accompanied my brunch. Urban Press is much more than a winery. Sure, you can stop by to grab a bottle to go or enjoy a flight at the bar but I recommend arriving with an empty stomach so you can enjoy a meal at the full service restaurant.

Urban Press Winery

Urban Press is open Wednesday through Sunday for both lunch and dinner and on weekends brunch is offered. I stopped by for the latter and found the place jumping. Not only was it packed with diners but there was a live jazz band providing the perfect soundtrack to my meal.

Urban PRess

The menu offers a variety of traditional breakfast options as well as pasta and pizza and, when I found out the chef was from Rome, I knew I had to try the latter. I opted for the Miss Italia featuring prosciutto, parmesan and arugula and it was absolutely amazing. Like amazing, amazing. The crust was crisp and chewy, the sauce burst with the flavor of fresh tomatoes and the toppings were oh so flavorful. It was, seriously, one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of pizza.

Urban Press

Urban Press Winery & Restaurant was such a wonderful surprise. The wine was delicious, the food was unforgettable and the ambiance and service was top notch. I had such a delightful brunch that from now on, when I think of Burbank I’ll think of wine. And pizza. Wonderful pizza…